A story about inhibited perfectionism

Welcome to Unsetting Expectations — a newsletter for high-performing, high-achieving, perfectionist workaholics grappling with issues of never feeling satisfied, always working crazy long hours, and not feeling proud of their accomplishments., written by Franka Grubisic.

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Note: All of my writing is published unedited, & for a reason. I want you to experience my exact, raw thought process as this ensures that you get the most open, true & honest version of me at all times.

Did you know that there is only one way, the…

And how it can help you feel less alone, learn to be more gentle on yourself and quiet down your inner critics

Welcome to Unsetting Expectations, a newsletter for all of you high-performing, high-achieving, workaholic, perfectionist individuals in the pursuit of becoming more gentle on yourselves.

Thank you so much for being here — I appreciate you!

👩🏻 Who am I?

Hello, I’m Franka! A Croatian girl studying at Stockholm University and dreaming of a life in Sydney. But also — a 5-times award-winning geospatial professional, excellence scholar with 3 scholarships, an entrepreneur… Honestly, the list goes on.

But that’s not the point! The point is, I’m an over-achiever and a workaholic. I’ve been working since I was little — before I turned 14, I would…

How society makes us choose our professions and partners only once in our lifetimes (and feel bad if we do it differently)

Consider the image below.

This is my modest representation of types of people based on their work and/or interests.

Note: I, by no means, want to make generalisations.
This image is simplified by intention.

Someone who is a specialist is someone’s whose days are filled with almost nothing but that one thing. This could be our doctor from example #1.

Others could have work they enjoy, as well as a captivating hobby, such as person #2. They don’t identify only with their jobs, but rather with some personal interests. …

How much of the fear is actually real?

A short introduction for context

This year, even before COVID becoming a global pandemic, started on a back foot. January and February were though with family and personal issues. In March we were in lock-down. Late March, on a Sunday morning, two earthquakes hit Zagreb — 5.6 and 5.0 on only 5km depth. It also started snowing that same morning…(I KNOW — the drama!).

It was approximately at that moment that I completely lost myself.

The way forward

I started the habit of morning journaling approximately 3 months ago. …

What if no idea goes to waste? Idea ideation, generation and sustainability.

Photo by Júnior Ferreira on Unsplash

This post is an output, or rather, a result, of my philosophical quest that I’ve put upon myself, even though in reality, it is a result of my inborn curiosity and a constant quest of asking “Why?”.

I should note that this paper might seem a bit abstract. It is mostly based on the creation of ideas, sustainability and bridging the gap between highest level of abstraction to the lowest level of behavior, trying to explore new, hybrid combinations between current nature-like systems and mapping them in service systems in order to achieve creative and sustainable business opportunities. …

On maps, topology and metaphors: how I’m making my engineering knowledge work for service design

Photo by Nikita Kachanovsky on Unsplash

If you look at my short bio on Medium, you will see that I have stated that I am a young designer and a young geospatial analyst. (Yes, it also says developer, too. But that’s my hidden superpower :)).

To some, it may look as if I still haven’t found myself, my “one true calling”, but others who skip the stereotype and devote time to talk to me know that I’m getting the best out of both worlds, alongside my knowledge and skills, with a passion to serve a better cause.

In order to try to make available for you…

Franka Grubisic

Starting businesses that create positive change. Perfectionist, workaholic, over-achiever. Award-winning scholar, professional, and artist.

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